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Berneslai Homes has partnered with HomeSwapper to provide a free mutual exchange matching service forBarnsleyCouncil/ Berneslai Homes tenants. 

The Homeswapper service includes access to a mutual exchange website, which allows you to find other council or Housing Association tenants within Barnsley and elsewhere in the country who would like to exchange their home.

HomeSwapper is the largest mutual exchange matching service in the UK. Over 90% of people registered on HomeSwapper find matches within 24 hours. It can also help tenants find a swap quickly because:

  • HomeSwapper has over 286,000 homes available. Any tenant from a Social Landlord (council, housing association etc.) can register for this service. You can swap with tenants of any registered social landlord, not just Berneslai Homes. HomeSwapper covers all of the UK, so you can find  swaps locally or nationally.
  • Over 5,000 tenants nationally join HomeSwapper or renew their membership every week.
  • Over 860 landlords are registered with HomeSwapper.
  • Over 90% of people find potential swaps within 24 hours of registering with HomeSwapper.
  • Over 60,000 homes have been swapped through Homeswapper
  • By registering with Homeswapper you will see details of any potential swaps with families who have registered with other mutual exchange schemes through HomeSwap Direct.

You can search the HomeSwapper website without registering for the service. You will not be able to find contact details of potential swaps without first registering with HomeSwapper.  You can also access maps to help work out the location of the home you may want to swap to.

If you register, HomeSwapper will automatically search every night for potential new swaps that meet your requirements. For people with internet/ email access these can be viewed in your personalised area of the HomeSwapper website. If you have not got access to the internet/ emails Homeswapper will let us know about any potential swaps and we will forward that information on to you at your home.

Homeswapper will send alerts of potential new swaps by email weekly, if you have email; or text message to your mobile phone fortnightly, if you have a mobile phone. If you do not have email or a mobile phone Homeswapper will notify Berneslai Homes and we will contact you by letter.

The good news is that HomeSwapper service is free to Barnsley Council (Berneslai Homes) tenants.

For more information on what the service provides and to register for HomeSwapper visit the HomeSwapper website.  Download the latest statistics for HomeSwapper in Barnsley.