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We let homes on behalf of Barnsley Council. We do this through our Homeseeker housing register.

We also have rights to nominate people who are on the housing register for certain vacancies in Housing Association properties. If we do this, it is the Housing Association who will decide whether to offer you a property.

We do not have the right to nominate to all of their vacancies. We have the right to nominate to approximately 50% of properties which become available on each scheme.

How do I apply for a housing association home? 

To be nominated to a Housing Association you must first join our Homeseeker housing register. Visit the How to join our Housing Register? for further information.

Where we have a right to nominate to a housing association vacancy we will  advertise the vacancy under our Homeseeker scheme. Visit our Homeseeker Vacant Properties page for current vacancies.

You can also apply direct to the Housing Association to join their registers. For details visit  Housing Association Useful Links.   

We make nominations in line with the Homeseeker  Lettings Policy. So we will nominate the applicant with the highest priority for the area and property type and who has asked for a nomination.

The Housing Association will consider our nominations and if they accept our nomination they will contact you to offer you the property. 

Who do I contact about housing association nominations? 

For help completing an application form please ring your local Barnsley Connects Office on (01226) 775555.  

How can I help you? 

If you want to be nominated you will need to tell us on your application form.

How do I get a Housing Application form? 

You can apply to join the  Berneslai Homes housing register online.  

Useful information 

All of our leaflets are available from your local Barnsley Connects Office.

Equal Opportunities 

We are committed to making sure we provide equal opportunities in all our services. The Lettings Policy meets the conditions of equal opportunities law. We will treat everyone equally.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that a Housing Association is building some new properties. How do I get one of them?

If a Housing Association is building a new development in an area they will make an agreement with the council for the proportion of nominations we can make to them. So to be in with a chance of getting one you will need to either join our Housing Register or theirs. 

Are Housing Association tenancies very secure? 

Yes. They are not classed as secure tenancies but they are very safe tenancies.

What it the rent like for a Housing Assocaition property? 

The rent may be a little more expensive than for a council property, but the rent may be covered by Housing Benefit if you qualify for one.