How we spend your money

We are committed to spend your money in the best way we can to get the best services for you at the best price.  The information on this page shows how Berneslai Homes spend money from your rent.

What does it cost the council to run the housing service?

In 2017/18 Barnsley Council spent £74 million on council housing. Here’s how that money was spent:

  • £14 million goes to Berneslai Homes so we can deliver the services to you.
  • £57 million goes on repairs, maintenance and investment in your homes and estates.
  • £3 million goes on other landlord expenses.
How much does Berneslai Homes cost to run?

Barnsley Council paid us £14 million pounds to run the service in 2017/18.

The table below explains how we spent that money‌

How much we spent on average per property per year….. What we spent it on….
£149 Managing the repairs and improvement service (this does not include the cost or repairs and improvements as this comes direct from the council)
£77 Tenancy Management
£84 Rent arrears and collection
£46 Supported housing
£73 Estate Services
£50 Lettings
£41 Resident Involvement
£14 Anti Social Behaviour service
£15  Development
£9  Leasehold
£137  Other (This includes the waiting list, Family Intervention Service, Community Refurbishment Scheme and the District Heating Scheme).
How do you make sure you get value for money?

For us value for money means “doing the right things, in the right way, for the right price”.  So its not just about the cost.

Our keen performance management arrangements make sure that we keep a close eye on how we are delivering services to you.  Our governance arrangement  makes sure we are well run as a company.  Our co-regulation partnership with tenants and residents make sure that we do the right things for tenants.

We have clear guidelines about how we buy in services and products from other suppliers and this makes sure we pay the best price and get the best quality goods and services.  Find out more by downloading our Value For Money Strategy in the download box.

We also keep an efficiency register which outlines how we have made savings in delivering services to you.  You can download a copy of the efficiency register from the download section on this page.

Can I see your financial reports?

We publish a range of financial reports to comply with our legal requirements and to make sure we are open about how we spend your money.

You can download the following financial reports from the download section on this page

  • The Statement of Accounts which shows, in financial terms, the performance of the Company. The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with United Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (United Kingdom accounting standards and applicable law).
  • The transparency register which shows all our spending above £500 per transaction.  The files attached present all items of expenditure over £500. The information included is:
    • Transaction Date
    • Transaction Number
    • Amount in Sterling
    • Supplier Name
    • Supplier ID
    • Expense Area
    • Expense Type
    • Expense Code

We aim to be as transparent as we can but in some cases information regarded as commercially sensitive, or relating to individuals, has been edited or removed. If you have any queries relating to this information please e-mail:

The contact centre will aim to provide a response within three working days.This data is freely re-usable under the same terms as here.

Our transparency register

We publish details of our external spending on individual payments to suppliers and organisations with a value over £500. 

The data is provided for free reuse, including commercial reuse. The right for further use is covered by the Open Government Licence and as recommended by HM Government Data.

Further information about the licence arrangement can be found on The National Archives website.

Important Note about the CSV files – We have published the information in CSV format so that it can be easily read in a variety of applications. However the CSV format uses a standard column width and not all entries may be completely visible. To view all the data, you will need to expand the columns. You can do this by selecting all the cells in the file (the grey box beside column A and above row 1), and then clicking on Format / Column / AutoFitSelection.