Our offer to you

Each year we agree local offers with our board, managers, partners and our customers.  For 2021/22 we have agreed 31 Berneslai Homes local offers.  You can get a full list of Local Offers by downloading them from the download section on this page.

Berneslai Homes’ Strategic Plan is the agreement between ourselves and the Council. This looks at how we will progress over the period 2021-2031, not only in the management of housing services but also in helping to achieve the Council’s wider ambitions for the borough. To find out further information download a copy of our Strategic Plan.

What are local offers?

Local offers are a set of promises about how we deliver your service. Social landlords have a duty to deliver their services to meet the standards set out by the Housing Regulator.  We have a duty to agree ‘local offers’ with their customers about how services are delivered locally. We then have to meet these offers and be able to show customers how we have met them.  For the 2021/22 financial year we have agreed 31 local offers with our customers across  four areas of service.

Home Offers

These are offers about how we deliver a great repair and maintenance service.

Involvement and Empowerment Offers

These are to make sure that:

  • our services are easy to use;
  • our customer services are excellent; and
  • our customers are at the heart of everything we do and are involved in monitoring, testing and shaping our services.

Neighbourhood and Community Offers

These are our promises for making sure our neighbourhoods and communities are clean, safe and welcoming.

Tenancy Offers

These are our promises for making sure that we deliver excellent:

  • lettings;
  • rents; and
  • tenancy management services.
How do you monitor local offers?

We monitor performance against our local offers as part of our routine performance management. We have many different ways of checking. Some we check through direct customers feedback (surveys, mystery shopping and spot checks). We monitor by receiving and looking at performance information data from our computer systems. Some are monitored by our board or committees. We say how we monitor each local offer in detail in each section of this summary.

  • We publish performance against Local Offers in many ways:
  • We publish detailed performance against Local Offers twice a year on our website; October and May.
  • We present this information to Tenant Voice Panel twice a year, which drives tenant scrutiny.
  • We publish a summary in our Annual Report.
  • We present a twice yearly summary to our Board which includes details of any challenge or feedback received by the Tenant Voice Panel or Tenant Scrutiny Panel.
What happens if Local Offers are not met?

If we don’t meet a local offer we always publish the reason why, along with what we are doing to put right the situation. The Tenant Voice  Panel can challenge any of our performance information, even if we think we are meeting the target . They can do this by asking us to give more information or by asking one of our Officers to attend a Tenant Panel meeting. We routinely look at our performance against these performance targets and local offers. We think about what our customers have told us when they fill in surveys, do mystery shopping for us or going to our customer panel or “Your Community, Your Say” group meetings.

How do you develop local offers?

Each year in February or March, we meet with a group of tenants and residents to discuss and agree a range of local offers for the coming year.  If you want to be part of this group please get in touch with us.