Our Performance Reports

We have a structured way of making sure our performance is on track and is delivering services in the right way.

We produce performance reports and have monthly meetings with section heads and senior managers to discuss performance. This means we keep a regular and routine eye on performance and deal with issues at the earliest opportunity.

Four times a year we look at performance in more detail and share this with our Board, the Council and our tenants and residents.

Twice a year we assess our performance against our local offers.

Once a year we review our overall performance against The Regulator for Social Housing’s Consumer Standards.  This ensures we are meeting government standards for delivering services.

Our performance reports are available in the download section of this page.

How are we performing against our targets?

Our quarterly performance reports set out how well we are doing against the targets in our Delivery Plan.  You can download copies of the reports from the download section on this page.

You can also download short summaries of our performance in managing the lettings, rents and repairs service.

How have we performed against the Regulator for Social Housing Consumer Standards?

We have a duty to meet the Social Housing Regulatory Standards
which set out specific expectations and outcomes that landlords are expected to achieve. The standards are classified as either ‘economic’ or ‘consumer’. Until 31st March 2020, as an ALMO we only had duties to meet the consumer standards which in summary are:

Home Standard – Standards about the delivery of an excellent repair and maintenance service.

Involvement and Empowerment Standard – Standards which ensure that: services are easy to use; customer services are excellent; and customers can work in partnership with landlords to influence and regulate services.

Neighbourhood and Community Standard – Standards which ensure that neighbourhoods and communities are clean, safe and welcoming.

Tenancy Standard – Standards which ensure landlords deliver excellent and effective lettings and tenancy management services.

From March 2020, we also have a duty to meet the Rent Standard which falls within the Economic Standards of the framework.

The regulatory framework does not dictate an approach that a landlord must take to demonstrate compliance. Our approach is that we focus on compliance through our performance management framework and as an additional assurance we undertake a bi-annual self assessment against our range of Local Offers and an annual self assessment against the Consumer Standards. We share this with the Tenant Voice Panel, after which we advise our Board of our self assessment, any arising issues and any remedial or improvement actions. This assessment and the Tenant Voice Assurance is then published to our website.

How have we performed against the 2020/ 21 Local Offers

As at the mid year point in 2020/ 21 we met 17/25 of our challenging local offers. We met with the Tenant Voice Panel in November 2020 and they agreed with our self-assessment.

Here is are the local offers we have not met and our actions for improvement.