Tenant Voice Panel

Feedback and challenge from our customers is very important and over the last year we have been busy working with a group of involved tenants to refresh our approach to tenant engagement.

We have many different ways for our customers to give their views about our performance from tenant scrutiny, filling in a survey, attending a meeting, or testing our services by mystery shopping.

We need to know that we are meeting all our obligations as a landlord and to do this effectively we need to work with you. The word we use to describe this is co-regulation.

You can download a copy of our co-regulation model ‘The Tenant Voice’ from the download section on this page. You can also see the reports and recommendations they have made to us.

How does the Tenant Voice Panel work?

The panel consists of 9 tenants each with an interest in ensuring we are meeting all our obligations as a landlord. They meet on a monthly basis to look at our performance reports, producing a range of questions that are passed to the relevant managers to answer. If they find any trends or areas that they fell may need further investigation they pass it onto the Scrutiny Panel.

What is tenant scrutiny?

We have a group of 11 scrutineers, who are all tenants, which look at any area of service that the Tenant Voice Panel feel need further investigation. This may be a dip in performance or satisfaction with a certain area of service, or a complaints trend. The Panel will carry out an in-depth investigation and produce an evidenced based report with a series of recommendations for improvement and may also suggest working together to come up with a solution to a problem, which is true co-regulation in practice!

What has the Tenant Voice Panel found?

The Panel meet on a monthly basis, looking at our performance reports. After each meeting they produce a short summary of what they find.  You can also download the Tenant Voice Reports below: 

What has the Scrutiny Panel found?

To find out what the scrutiny panel have been up to take a look at the Tenant Scrutiny Reports section.


How can raise a challenge?

If you think we are failing in any area of the services we deliver, you can let the Tenant Voice Panel know by email or by giving the Tenant Voice Co-ordinator a call.  (as below).

Just because you are not part of the panel it doesn’t mean you can’t have your say. If you have an area of service that you think the Tenant Voice Panel should be looking at just email or call the Tenant Voice Coordinator on 774114.