Reality checking

Grounds Maintenance spot checks

Three times a year a group of mystery shoppers spot check (with no notice) about 5 estates that receive grounds maintenance work.  This is to check that the grounds maintenance specification is met.

Customers were asked to make comments after inspecting the estates (see appendix 1) and gave an overall score for each one.  Here is the overall results from each spot check…

  • In June 2015, five areas were visited and 59% were overall happy with the grounds maintenance standard.
  • In September 2015, 12 streets were visited and 90% were overall happy with the grounds maintenance standard.
  • In October 2015, four areas were visited and 100% were overall happy with the standard.

What do these results tell us?

Here are some improvements made following the spot checks…

You said… We did…
Weeds were found to several areas Weeds were scheduled to do but they are only done twice a year as part of the grounds maintenance specification
Old grass cuttings found in several areas These were removed
Several trees require bottom growth clipping. Order placed for the lower growth of two trees removing.
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