Our partnerships

We support the development of Barnsley and its residents by being part of the wider community. Working jointly with other businesses and organisations we support many community projects. Find out more about our partnership working.


Barnsley Council

Barnsley Council is the only shareholder in Berneslai Homes,  owning the homes which we manage on their behalf.  As well as this contractual partnership we work closely with the council to support them in helping to achieve their wider ambitions for the borough.  These are set out in their  Corporate Plan.

Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

We are a Silver Member of Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, who are the region’s leading business organisation bringing business together and representing the interest of all business across the region.

Follow this link to the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce website. 

Armed Forces and Veterans

We’ve signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant. We’ve done this to encourage the local community to support the armed forces community in our area.  We are aware of the particular challenges they face in civilian life and signed this covenant to recognise and remember the sacrifices they face and encourage activities that help to integrate them into local life.

Dementia Action Alliance

We are a member of the Dementia Action Alliance, alongside other partner agencies in Barnsley, with the aim of promoting Dementia Friendly Communities.  This has involved staff becoming Dementia Friends, and having a Dementia Action Plan.   Our staff act as good neighbours and maintain a general awareness of the health and well being of residents, dealing with any concerns in line with our vulnerability strategy.

Follow this link to the Dementia Action Alliance. 

Barnsley Together

The Barnsley Together Forum supports racial equality and integration across the borough.  It’s a space for issues, challenges and ideas to be discussed openly, both by service providers and local residents.

Barnsley Together are keen to  develop their membership, and want to invite BAME people living in the Barnsley area to come to speak with them about how life is in Barnsley, what issues there may, what help you may need, and how things could be improved. 

This is a chance for you to make your voices heard and to talk about your communities’ interests. Whatever your age or concerns, Barnsley Together are keen to hear from you.

Please contact either  Florentine Bootha-King or Jonathan Doering for more information.  

My Barnsley Too

My Barnsley Too is a forum to promote disability equality and they are supported by Cloverleaf. The aims of the Forum are to provide accessible information and advice to people with disabilities, develop a support network and empower people to ensure the voice of disabled people is heard in public sector services.


Deaf Forum

Barnsley Deaf forum meets to support and develop access to services for deaf people.  They are supported by Leeds involving people.