Staff help Year 11 students prepare for work

On July 17th, a number of our staff volunteered to carry out mock interviews with year 11 school students at Horizon Community College.

In total 365 students were interviewed at the event and later given constructive feedback on their approach and how they presented themselves. The sessions were well supported with around 80 businesses from across Barnsley providing some of their staff’s time to help put the students through their paces.

Student feedback from the day was fantastic and comments included:

“The experience has allowed me to better understand what happens in an interview.”

“It has given me a better insight to what an interview is like and also taught me that with my grades there maybe more options than I have realised.”

“The experience has helped me greatly, I overcome my fears and became more comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

“The day was fantastic it has made me want a part time job.”

“I found out what an employer is looking for and why it is so important to have the best CV you can.  It is those first impressions that count.”

Lee Winterbottom Construction Services Manager concludes: “It was great to be part of this day and show Berneslai Homes’ commitment to helping students from the Borough prepare for their approaching career and think about their future careers. The students and the interviewers involved all took a lot from this and it was great to be able to pass on tips and feedback on their CV’s and how they had prepared. An added benefit was that it allowed us to meet more of the staff from Horizon and share some ideas for future involvement. This is key for Construction Services coming in to the new repairs and maintenance contract in April 2020, as there are challenging targets of social value that we must achieve. Strengthening these relationships will greatly assist us in meeting these important measures.”