Beware of Cold Callers


We have received a number of reports from our customers that cold callers are on the rise in Barnsley. A few things they may offer include: grants; no win no fee compensation; enquiring about cracks and damp; or sometimes even claiming they are working on behalf of Berneslai Homes.  These people may knock at your door or phone you.

We’ve put together some useful advice to help keep you safe:

Not sure then call us – If you receive a call like this, especially if they are claiming to be from Berneslai Homes and you think they are not genuine please call us on 01226 787878 immediately to check.

Tell us first – If you need a repair please phone us on 01226 787878 and give us a chance to fix it, if we don’t know about it we can’t put it right for you.  You can also report a repair via our app.

It’s OK to complain – If you have a complaint then please let us know by phoning us on 01226 775555.

Never give your details or cash – Never give your personal or bank details to them or handover cash.  Please be reassured that Berneslai Homes would never ask for these so if they do then alarm bells may start ringing.

Just say NO – If you feel pressurised by a cold caller have the confidence to say NO.

Stop – Before you answer, stop and ask whether you are expecting anyone. Check that you have locked any back door and the key. Put your chain on or look through a spyhole or window to see who it is.

Check ID – All our staff carry ID badges so always ask to see these before allowing anyone into your home.  If you are not sure please call us on 01226 787878 and never call the number on the ID badge.

Don’t be taken in – if they try to convince you that work is urgent, the price is fair or that they are working on a neighbours home and have spare materials left over then please don’t listen to them.

Always remember, if you are not sure, close the door or put down the phone and call us on 01226 787878 to check.

Please pass this advice onto anyone you know who is elderly or vulnerable to help keep them safe.

South Yorkshire Police have put together a really helpful guide called ‘The  Little Book of Big Scams’ which you can download.