Carbon Monoxide – You Can’t See It, You Can’t Smell It!


You can’t see it or smell it but Carbon Monoxide gas causes the accidental deaths of about 50 people and seriously injures nearly 200 in the UK each year.

For the health and safety of you and your family it’s vital that we carry out the annual service of your gas fired heating boiler, fire and gas carcass pipework in your home. If not then your gas appliance may produce Carbon Monoxide gas.

We promise to work carefully in your home and adhere strictly to safe working practices and have undertaken risk assessments for the work we undertake, which you can read about on our Coronavirus update page.

Many people are suffering poisoning without knowing it, so please make sure you let us into your home when you receive your appointment so we can ensure your safety.

If the date is inconvenient, please contact the Gas Servicing Call Centre on your appointment letter and give us 24 hours notice as we may re-charge you for the cost of a missed appointment. On average last year there was 135 missed appointment per month, costing approx. £10,000 a month, money which is better spent on repairs and maintenance.