Celebrating 500 Device Doctor Visits

Our Device Doctors project has celebrated its 500th one to one appointment.

Over the last 12 months the project has seen a massive increase in people’s confidence with the online world and technology. The most common age range of people taking part was 65+, which is no surprise as this is the group who are less likely to be online. They also helped many people in the age group 45-64, who often struggle to use the internet and technology to find work.

Digital Inclusion Coordinator Hannah Bailey adds, “One in five people in Barnsley are digitally excluded so projects like this make a big difference to people’s lives. I’m delighted we have been able to help 500 people so far in the project, which is a big number for a small project and one of the reasons we were highly commended in the Barnsley and Rotherham Business awards.”

The Device Doctors highlights include:

  • Guiding a small business owner through the options for building her website.
  • Helping a lady get broadband at home, buy her first device and attend all the one-to-ones and the supported-self learning course.
  • Supporting an eBay seller understand technical changes to her listings so she could carry on with confidence, her passion of antiquing and selling her finds online.
  • Saving several people £100’s on free versions of anti-virus software and helping them buy devices to meet their needs and budget.

Visit our events page to see all our Device Doctor events or contact Hannah by email: devicedoctors@barnsley.gov.uk or phone 01226 772789.