Census 2021– Coming Soon!


Census 2021 will be key to making sure the big decisions on the future of our hospitals, schools, transport and other public services, following the pandemic and EU exit, are based on the best information possible.

Run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the census – taking place on March 21 – is the once-in-a-decade survey that gives the most accurate estimate of all people and households in England and Wales.

In the coming days and weeks you will be hearing more and more about why the census is so important, why you must take part and, crucially, how you can take part. Every household will soon receive a postcard, explaining what census is, and in early March letters will arrive in the post inviting people to take part in the digital-first census.   If people need a paper survey they can ask for one via a freephone helpline.

ONS is ensuring everyone can be safely counted in line with all latest government guidance on Covid 19. Census has been designed to be simple, straightforward and safe to take part. It takes just 10 minutes per person to fill out your form and there will be help available to take part.

By law the Office for National Statistics has to keep personal data private and secure, and  will not share it with the Home Office, police, benefits agencies, landlords or any government or other organisation. There will be a range of services to help people fill in their census, including easy read guidance, written guidance in 53 different languages, braille questionnaires, British Sign Language Videos, a national telephone contact centre (this will be a free number), advisors at this number can help people do census over the phone. Details about how people can get help will be on their letter. You can ask family members, trusted friends, carers or support workers to help you complete.

There will be two local census support centres in Barnsley which go live from 1st March 2021 these are:

  • Independent Training and Education Consultants ITEC Limited  – Tel 01226 107082
  • Educational Learning Support Hub (ELSH) –   Tel: 01226 643249

For more general information and links to the national help centre when it goes live visit the Census website.