Connecting with Nature this Mental Health Awareness Week

Scheme Manager Marie Hunton and Age UK Barnsley Social Inclusion Officer Kerry Thompson have been busy this Mental Health Awareness Week working together to provide residents at Saville Court Independent Living Scheme with a planter full of bright and cheerful plants.
A big thank you to Age UK who donated the planters, watering cans, compost and plants which have been delivered to gardening enthusiasts at Saville Court. The recipients of the gifts can arrange the plants themselves, care for them over the coming weeks and months and enjoy watching them flourish.
Gardening and being close to nature has positive effects on both mental and physical wellbeing. Our residents, along with many others around the Borough, have spent the majority of the last year indoors and away from social activities, friends and family the feeling of social isolation and loneliness has never been more apparent. It is hoped these small gifts will bring some much-needed activity and enjoyment to the residents until we can again commence with social activities once restrictions allow.