COVID Pass fraud warning


Please be aware that criminals are using the NHS COVID Pass as a way to target the public by convincing them to hand over money, financial details and personal information.

They are sending imitation text messages, emails and making phone calls pretending to be from the NHS and offering fake vaccine certificates for sale online and through social media.

In some cases, a fake text message, which claims to be an official NHS communication, reads: “NHS: We’ve noticed you haven’t applied for your COVID pass, please follow the link to complete registration to avoid fees…”. The message then links to a website that asks the recipient to provide personal details, supposedly for registration purposes but which could be used to commit identity fraud.

The scam also directs recipients to a fake website that takes personal details which could then be used to commit fraud.

Please do not respond to requests for personal or financial details and to remain alert to unexpected texts or emails.

Remember: the NHS App is free. The NHS COVID Pass is free. The NHS will never ask for payment or any financial details.