What type of properties can I apply for?

To make the best use of our available homes we have rules or “eligibility criteria” about what size and type of home you can apply for. We also have some areas of the borough where there are local rules about who can apply for vacancies.

This section tells you more.

What size property can I apply for?

The table below explains what size property we allow you to apply for. A household is either one or two applicant plus the other members of the household.

We would never allow statutory overcrowding when offering a property.

We also encourage applicants to consider whether they can afford to pay for any spare bedrooms they may have as housing benefit is reduced for each spare room.

Bedsit 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4 bedroom


One adult X X
Two adults X X X
Household + 1 other person X X
Household + 2 other people X X
Household + 3 other people X X
Household + 4 other people X X
Household + 5 other people X X
Household + 6 other people X
What type of property can I apply for?

We have many different types of homes and some are restricted to people over a certain age or with certain medical conditions.

When we advertise vacancies we will tell you what category of applicant can apply. Below is a general rule.

  • 18+ years- general needs – We can consider any applicant aged 18+years of age.
  • 40+ or medical – We can consider applications for vacancies from people age 40+ or from people under 40 with a medical need for that type of accommodation.
  • 60+ or medical – We can consider applications for vacancies from people age 60+ or from people under 60 with a medical need for that type of accommodation.
  • 60+ only – can consider applications for vacancies from people age 60+ only. In exceptional cases we can consider younger people in the highest priority where their housing needs can only be met in that type of accommodation in that locality, within a reasonable period. If this applies to you, please contact our Assessment Team – 01226 787600 for further details and to advise us why you feel your circumstances make you eligible for this accommodation.
  • Accommodation with communal facilities – This type of accommodation is generally only available to people aged 60+ years who have a need for the communal facilities provided in sheltered housing schemes (Communal Lounges, laundry etc. We can consider younger people with needs for this type of accommodation in exceptional circumstances.
What are Sensitive Lettings?

While the overall lettings policy is used to allocate most homes, the lettings policy gives us the flexibility to introduce Sensitive Lettings plans (also known as Local Lettings Plans).

We use ‘Sensitive Lettings Plans’ to promote sustainability and create balanced communities on some of our estates/ individual streets etc. We may use these for new-build housing schemes, for existing accommodation or for specific areas or properties. For example, we may restrict the allocation of homes to people with convictions for causing anti- social behaviour in an area where there has been a history of anti social behaviour.

If we are using a sensitive lettings plan when we let a property, we make this clear in the property advert.

We do not currently have any sensitive lettings plans