Independent Living Schemes

What is independent living?

The features and benefits of independent living properties include:

  • Flats within one building – all independent of one another with your own front door. (Some schemes also have bungalows which are separate to the communal facilities).
  • A home set out on one level
  • Lift access to upper floors
  • Some properties have a shower instead of a bath
  • Availability of lifeline alarm / call system
  • Mobility scooter store (at most schemes)
  • Most schemes have a guest bedroom – making it possible for family and friends to visit
  • Communal lounge and kitchen – to socialise and meet others
  • Community / social activities
  • Wi-fi access
  • District heating
  • A sense of safety and security.

You can find out where our Independent Living Schemes are located on this map.



What does the scheme manager do?

Each Independent Living Scheme has a Scheme Manager and you will be given their name and contact details at the start of your tenancy. You can usually contact them between Monday to Friday if you require any assistance or advice. The Scheme Managers are responsible for the management of the building and the health and safety in communal areas. They also help to arrange various social events, activities and get togethers although these are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Independent Living Schemes are suitable for customers with lower level support needs because our Scheme Managers are unable to offer any personal or medical care.

If you feel you need more support with certain daily tasks you could contact Adult Social Services. For more information visit Barnsley Council’s Adult Social Services website, who will be able to discuss support services available to you whilst living within Independent Living properties.

Alternatively, you could look at Extracare housing options within the borough.

Will I qualify for Independent Living?

Applicants should be aged 60 years and over although in some schemes and circumstances we will consider applicants aged 40 and over.

Applicants with a history of any of the following may not be suitable for this type of accommodation with shared areas

  1. Anti-social behaviour
  2. Alcohol or substance misuse
  3. Offending
  4. Violence or sexual abuse
  5. Arson
  6. Problems sustaining or managing their accommodation

The Lettings Team will provide further information and advice.

How do I apply?

You can apply to join the housing register online by visiting ‘Find a Home’.