Lifeline Alarms

What is a lifeline alarm?

An emergency alarm can be fitted in your home and is plugged into your telephone. In an emergency or if you need help, you simply press the button on a pendant that is worn around your neck. This automatically activates the alarm unit and rings Independent Living at Home who will be able to see your name, address and medical details. Their trained staff will talk to you through the unit and will call a relative, doctor or the emergency services if this is what you tell them. Don’t worry about being too far away to hear it or speak as Independent Living at Home Call will send help.

Who are Independent Living at Home?

Independent Living at Home is a service provided by Barnsley Council and operates 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. They provide experienced help from trained and friendly staff.

Barnsley Council’s website has further information on Independent Living at Home including some really useful videos.

Am I suitable for an emergency alarm?

An emergency alarm is specially for the elderly, vulnerable or anyone who feels they might benefit from one in their home, particularly those who live alone. For example, it can be used if you are feeling ill, have had a fall or are feeling anxious.

How would I pay for the service?

A monitoring and rental charge is made and Independent Living at Home will give you details of these. You would need a ‘push in’ telephone socket and a 13 amp power socket nearby. Maintenance and repairs are included in the charge. However, telephone calls and quarterly rental charges aren’t covered and you would continue to pay your own phone bill.

Contact Independent Living at Home on 01226 775671.