What we’ve let

Helping you make a choice…….

With around 8,000 people on the register, it’s often difficult for us to let you know how long you will be waiting to be rehoused as it depends on:

  • your priority and waiting time;
  • the area you want;
  • the property type you want; and
  • the demand from other people on the register.

We publish the lettings we’ve made in the last 3 months, which you can view in the download section on the right hand side.  This information tells you to following about the vacancy:

  • the area,
  • the street,
  • the property type
  • the priority band of the applicant
  • the date they entered that band; and
  • the number of people who applied.

This information can give you an idea of how popular a particular area of property type is and you can compare your priority and waiting time to the applicant who got the vacancy!

You can then decide whether to keep putting in for the same area or property types or if you need to look at different areas and property types.

We also publish the number and types of properties we have and how often they come available, which you can view in the download section on the right hand side.

This information shows you the number and type of council owned properties Berneslai Homes manage and the number of each property type that has been re-let in the last 12 months.

This information can help you decide:

  • If we have the type of property you want in your preferred areas;
  • If you need to consider widening your areas of choice;
  • If council housing is a realistic option for you;
  • If you need to consider other Housing Options including: Considering Housing Association Properties and the Private Rented Sector or Affordable Housing Options such as Shared Ownership.