Housing Diversity Award

Mushtaq Khan, Chief Executive at The Housing Diversity Network presented the HDN DNA Accreditation award to Amanda Garrard, CEO, Alison Rusdale, Executive Director of Corporate Services, Lynne Horton, OD Manager and Ashley Darlington, Training and Development Officer at Berneslai Homes on 31 August 2021.

Officers spoke about what the award means for Berneslai Homes:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have received The Housing Diversity Network accreditation for excellence in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with 10 areas of distinction in best practice. 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion weaves through our DNA at Berneslai Homes and we’re extremely proud of our dedicated workforce who make a real difference to tenants and wider communities.   Our work on equality never stops and we’ll now be working through Housing Diversity Network recommendations, continuing our journey for excellence, improving our services for tenants, communities and our people.”