Improving services for carers


This week is Carers Week which also coincides with the one-year anniversary of Harry’s Pledge.  Please take a look at this video to find out more.

After signing up to Harry’s Pledge, we launched a summit group to improve our services around the four key areas of the pledge. The key areas focus on:

  • Our people – Doing all we can to support tenants and staff with carer responsibilities.
  • Our workspaces – Making offices and community spaces as accessible as possible.
  • The homes we build – Building more fully accessible homes and routinely considering accessibility in our housing stock.
  • Training and career progression – Working with partners to professionalise care further with clear qualifications/career paths, working to promote caring as a valued career choice and lobbying for changes in pay and rewards.

In April, the Chartered Institute of Housing hosted an event to raise awareness of Harry’s Pledge. Please take a look at the video below, shown at the event from Reverend Richard Coles talking about the vital role of carers, his support to Harry’s Pledge and how housing organisations can shape a better future for carers and their families.

We’re excited to be working with the summit group, listening to views of carers and tailoring our services to ensure we continually improve the lives of carers and their families.   If you would like to join the summit group please email: