Website accessibility

Our website has been designed to give you quick and easy access to more online services, whether you are using a PC, mobile phone, tablet, digital TV or a kiosk in one of our service centres.

If you need help understanding this information, or would like a paper copy of this notice, please contact us.

Online Forms

We’re developing a range of online forms for you to do things quickly and conveniently, at a time that suits you.  You can use the shortcuts at the top of our home page to:

  • tell us about something
  • apply for a service

You’ll also find any relevant forms on pages throughout our website.  Please ask us if you need some help to fill in an online form.

Customer accounts

To access some of our online services – My Rent and Homeseeker – you’ll need to sign up for an account you can read more about creating an account and what’s involved here.  If you want to know more about the information that we store about you, please read our privacy policy.

Tell us what you think

We’re constantly checking and improving our online information to ensure it’s accessible.  We welcome your feedback about our website, please complete our online website survey by following this link and give us your views. We’re happy to help if you can’t find what you need on our website, or you want some support to fill in a form or set up an account.

Getting the most out of technology

Getting up to speed with technology can enrich your life. To help you to improve your computer skills and use the internet, Digital Unite has produced some print-friendly technology tuition guides that you can download from their website. Categories include, computer basics, email and SKYPE, smartphones and tablets, social networking, using the web and digital photography.  You can also search their site for a local tutor who can provide tuition for you.

Do you know what accessibility features are built into your computer, laptop or smartphone?

Taking some time to change how your computer or web browser operates can often make it easier for you to use it.

My Web My Way is a BBC website that provides help for people to make the most of the internet.  It includes ‘how to guides’ about changing your computer or web browser that may help you to get online:

  • I can’t see very well – explains ways to change how your computer or web browser works, to make things easier for you, for example changing text size, background colours or making your computer speak to you.
  • I can’t hear very well – how to access signed content on BBCiPlayer or find it elsewhere on the internet as well as how to turn on subtitles if you are watching videos online.
  • I find a keyboard or mouse hard to use – tips for changing the settings on your keyboard, making your mouse easier to use and how to interact with your computer differently through touch screen devices.
  • I find words difficult – how to change font settings to make text easier to read, spell-checking software and making your computer speak aloud. 

AbilityNet is a website where you’ll also find free factsheets for you to download, including step by step guides to setting up your computer and software.