Let’s celebrate our Community Champions!

We are taking part in a nationwide campaign which aims to challenge the negative stereotypes of council tenants which are often portrayed by nominating some of our tenants for a photography competition run by the National Federation of ALMOs.  The competition, which is in its third year aims to celebrate those tenants who contribute to their community and go the extra mile.

For too long council tenants have been stereotyped and stigmatised by some parts of the media. This competition aims to turn this around by celebrating and promoting the positive work they do.

Helen Jaggar, Chief Executive has this to say of Barnsley’s 18,500 plus tenants: “Council tenants are hard-working, decent and proud people who love where they live, look after their homes and estates and in many different ways make a positive impact in their communities.  We know lots about those engaged tenants who work hard on our behalf running TARAs and community centres, organising activities for their neighbours, coming to meetings and giving us feedback.  But there are many other tenants out there who contribute in different ways – and we want to hear from them or about them from friends and family.”

So we are asking for nominations to be made by email to: comms@berneslaihomes.co.uk