Gas safety

What if I smell gas or fumes?

If you smell gas or fumes do not use electrical switches, any naked flame (such as matches or cigarettes) or mobile phones in the area.

You should:

  • turn off the gas supply at the meter;
  • open doors and windows to ventilate the area;
  • phone National Grid Gas Emergency on 0800 111 999; and
  • phone our Repairs Hotline on 01226 787878 and tell them you’ve called National Grid, so we can let the engineer we send out know.
Can I repair my gas appliances myself?

It is against the law to try to repair or work on a gas appliance, unless you are an engineer registered with Gas Safe (the national regulator for gas engineers). It is also an offence to use a gas appliance which you know is unsafe.

We may charge you the cost of putting right any work that has not been completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You should not carry out any work unless we have given you permission to do so.

What if my heating breaks down?

You should phone our Repairs Hotline on 01226 787878. We will send out an engineer from one of our contractors to your home.

My gas cooker isn't working. Will you repair it?

No, we won’t repair your cooker. You are responsible for looking after and repairing your gas cooker. Our engineers will test the supply service to the gas cooker during the annual service. If they find something wrong with the gas cooker, they will disconnect it from the mains and fill out some paperwork to meet gas safety regulations. You must make sure that any repair is done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. We are only responsible for the pipework serving your cooker.

I can’t manage the stairs anymore, is it okay for me to sleep in my living room?

If the room has a gas appliance with an open flue (such as a gas fire and back boiler) you must not use it as a bedroom or let anyone sleep there. This is illegal and very dangerous. If we find that anyone is sleeping there we will isolate the appliance (turn off the gas supply to it).

Can I fit my own gas fire or central heating boiler?

If you want to replace a gas appliance in your home, you must get our permission in writing first. We will ask you for information about the appliance and company that will fit it. This is to make sure that the appliance and fitters meet Gas Safe standards, and to keep you safe.

We will not give you permission to fit a second hand appliance.

Will you service the central heating that I’ve had installed?

As long as you asked for and received written permission from us, we will service and repair all gas appliances and flues in your home.

If you installed any gas appliances without getting our permission first, we will not service or repair it, and we may isolate it (turn off the gas supply to it) if it’s not fitted correctly.

When do you service my gas appliances?

By law, we must inspect all gas appliances in our homes, every year. We do this free of charge. We also make sure your systems are working efficiently, which can reduce your energy bills.

When the annual gas service is complete, you will receive a copy of the gas service certificate.

This confirms that the appliance has been checked and tells you when it next needs to be serviced.

What if I've received an appointment for the service, but can't be at home?

If you can’t be at home for your appointment, you should phone the contractor who arranged the appointment. The details of the appointment and the contractor will be on the letter sent to you. They will arrange another appointment if the first appointment is not suitable. Appointments are available between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. If you need a late appointment, due to work commitments, this can usually be arranged.


Do I have to let you in to carry out the service?

It is very important, for the safety of you, your family, friends and neighbours, that you allow us into your home to service your gas appliance. Not only because we have to do this by law, but because we want to protect people in your home.

If you won’t let us in to carry out the service, we will get a warrant from court, which allows us to force our way into your home. We may charge you the costs of applying for the warrant, which could be more than £1,200.

What does an annual service include?

Your annual gas service includes a series of check(s) to ensure your boiler and central heating system are working safely and efficiently.

Our engineer will check your heating system for water leak(s), damage and wear & tear.

They will also carry out safety inspections, to ensure the appliance is working in line with the manufacturers installation / service instructions such as making sure your boiler is using the correct amount of gas and not giving off carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. Our engineer will also confirm that all safety devices fitted to your appliance are working correctly to ensure your safety.