Community Refurbishment Scheme

What is the Community Refurbishment Scheme (CRS)?

This scheme is an apprentice training scheme that offers work experience and training in brickwork, fencing, hard landscaping and associated works. The scheme is staffed by a project manager, two training instructors and apprentices supplied via Barnsley Community Build.

Who will receive the works?

The CRS scheme is an estate based programme and is not set up to deliver one off works around the borough.

There is a lengthy list of schemes or estates awaiting CRS works, all the schemes are assessed on a needs priority basis where there is an identified problem on the estate and a need for off road parking.

What work will the Community Refurbishment Scheme do to my property?

External works to the front of the property including boundary walls and off road parking, together with timber fencing between properties and any access pathway works where required.

What would stop works taking place?

If the access to the front of the property is steep, we might not be able to install off road parking. There are very strict rules in place regarding the slope of driveways and if we can’t comply with them then we can’t install a driveway.

I’ve got two cars; can I have a double drive?

Unfortunately not. The budget for the scheme only covers one off road parking spot per property.

My neighbour has bought their property. Would they be able to join the scheme?

Yes! We offer a service ‘at cost’ to owner occupiers attached to our properties. The cost depends on the work carried out and will be agreed with them prior to work taking place.

I’ve been told my property isn’t eligible for some of the works. Can I do these works myself?

Yes! All major works undertaken by tenants means you must write to us for permission before starting any works. You can find out about this here.