A guide to repairs

The priority we give to your repair will depend on how urgent it is. We will place the repair into one of four categories. We aim to respond to repairs in the target times listed below.

Category 1 – Emergency repairs

These are repairs to problems which put your or other people’s safety, security or health at risk – for example, structural damage, broken heating, blocked drains, burst pipes or dangerous electrical or gas fittings.

We will try to deal with emergency repairs within 24 hours.

Sometimes we may have to carry out a temporary repair to deal with the situation, and then carry out the full repair at a later date.

Category 2 – Urgent repairs

These are repairs that are not emergencies but which we need to carry out quickly to prevent more damage to your home or discomfort to you and your family – for example, minor leaks or electrical repairs.

We will normally try to deal with these repairs within three working days.


Category 3 – Priority repairs

These are repairs that we do not consider to be an emergency or urgent repair, but which we treat as a priority. Priority repairs include a leaking roof or a door-entry phone not working.

We will respond to these repairs within seven working days.

Category 4 – Non-urgent repairs

These are repairs that we call non-urgent repairs because they do not cause serious inconvenience. Non-urgent repairs include repairing small areas of plastering, guttering repairs and adjusting windows.

We will try to deal with these repairs within 25 working days.

What if the repair is not completed on time?

If we don’t carry out your repair within the timescales above, contact our Repairs Hotline on 01226 787878. We will check with our repairs contractor to find out why there is a delay and try to sort out the problem.

What if you can't repair it?

Sometimes we cannot repair an item or it would cost too much to do so. In these cases we will arrange to replace it. If this is the case, unless it is an emergency, we will put the replacement on a programme list of similar work. This means that it might take longer to replace the item than it would to repair it, but we do regularly order these replacement items.

We will tell you if your replacement item is on a programme list and keep you up to date with the progress of the work.

How do I report repairs?

You can report repairs:

  • PHONING 01226 787878.
  • For more details on how to report  (non-emergency repairs) using a smartphone use the report a repair section of our website.

You can report a repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will come out to emergency repairs between 6.30pm and 8am, but only if the repair cannot wait until the next working day (for example, if you have a burst pipe or have no electricity).