Planned repairs

What are planned repairs?

Planned repairs are a larger type of repair:

  • extensive plastering
  • damp remedial works
  • boundary repairs

These repairs are not done within our normal repairs priorities. They are often seen by our operatives when working in your home or during an inspection.


What if I have a problem in my home?


We’ll always attempt a repair in the first instance. If the qualified operative or inspector sees any further work is needed then they’ll recommend that it is placed on a planned repair list.

Planned Repairs are carried out along with similar work in your area. This makes sure our contractors can make better use of our resources.


What will happen after the planned repair is identified?

Details of the repair will be placed on the planned repair list. The list opens on the first day of the month and closes on the last day of the month. At the end of this period the list of jobs is reviewed. Checks are carried out, and orders prepared. All the orders are sent to our contractors on the 15th of the following month; (if a planned repair is identified between 1st and 30th April it will be ordered with our contractor on 15th May).

How long will the planned repair take?

Work is ordered from the planned repairs list on the 15th of every month. We will send you a letter when the order is placed. This letter will tell you who will do the work and give you the contractor’s contact details in case you need to contact them.

Our Contractor will be in touch with you to make arrangements and plan in the work. Our contractor has 10 weeks to complete all the jobs on the planned repairs list. Some items will be done quicker than others.

Who can i contact to enquire about a planned repair?

Our Repairs Hotline can advise if the work is on the Planned Repairs list. Once the work is ordered you will receive a letter. This will tell you which contractor will carry out the work and give their contact details for any enquiries.