Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

We’re pleased to support Mental Health Awareness Week (18 to 24 May), hosted by the Mental Health Foundation.  This year the theme is kindness and one thing that we have seen all over the world is that kindness is prevailing in uncertain times.  You can help spread the kindness in lots of different ways and help make someone’s day.

If you are struggling with your mental health then our Mental Health Housing Support Officers may be able to help you.  They provide flexible, responsive housing related support to tenants who have low level mental health needs which are affecting their ability to maintain a successful tenancy and they help to improve their health and wellbeing.   Over the last 12 months the team have supported nearly 200 tenants. Here’s some examples of how we’ve helped our tenants…..

Mr P  –  ‘’Thank you for helping me transfer to another Berneslai Homes property as my mental health has been suffering as I’ve been too far away from family support.  I have really settled into my new fIat and am looking forward to building my confidence through learning so I can to return to work.’’

Miss R  – ‘’I was feeling very low, with no purpose after a move of property.  Thanks to your help I am now continuing to build my self-esteem and combat boredom by completing online courses that are running during COVID lockdown.’’

Mr B  – “ I was referred to your service due to low mood and depression which had resulted in a relationship breakdown with my family. Following help from your team in which I discussed thoughts I was having and how this  influenced my outbursts at home, I have implemented self-help techniques to better manage my anger and negative thoughts and started to exercise to lose weight.

I now attend a gym, the health referral scheme and started to bike ride and am proud I have lost lots of weight.  I have worked also received help from the Adult Skills team to help me get back into work.  My family are also happier as there are less arguments.

Mrs E,   –  “ I was referred to your service due to my mental health illness as I was depressed and having flash backs from a robbery which took place a few years ago.  Since working with your service I have applied to move property as I feel this will stabilise my mental health and also get support for my drug misuse through working with recovery steps.  I have debt and am looking to access the Citzens Advice Bureau to get help.  I feel optimistic about my future and hope to return into education once I have moved.”

Miss L – “I was referred to your service due to my depression and using alcohol.  Since accessing your service I have had support to maximise my income and address my debt.  Since January I have been abstinent from alcohol and am hoping to quit smoking.  I have recently started playing the keyboard after many years of not playing and I feel more confident in myself since accessing support.”

Mrs T,– “I was referred to your service as I had rent arrears and was struggling mentally due to previous domestic violence, a relationship breakdown, debts and the loss of his job. A big thanks as you have supported me to apply for a discretionary housing payment to pay my bedroom tax, claim the appropriate benefits which I am now in receipt of and give me the right advice to pay off my debts.  You have now helped me cope better with stressful situations and am feeling really well mentally and knowing I can keep my home has been a massive positive factor for me.”