Test It before you need it

Make sure you & your family are warm, comfortable and safe this Winter and test your heating before you need it!  

Before the cold kicks in we’re asking if you could do a few simple checks on your heating to make sure it works ok.

Simply run your heating system for 5 minutes every month to ensure that all the working parts remain free and the system is in good working order. If you find that your heating doesn’t come on then there are a few basic checks you do before calling for a repair:

  • Do you have credit on your meter and is your meter showing ON (if you pre-pay for your gas\electric)?
  • Is the programmer / time clock in the ‘on’ position telling the boiler to fire up?
  • Is the room thermostat turned up above the current room temperature so that the boiler knows to fire up?
  • If there is a pressure gauge on the front of the wall mounted boiler does it give the correct reading of around 1- 1.5bar?
  • Is it cold outside? Is the condensate pipe frozen? Check for ice at the end of the black / white pipe. If there is ice then pour warm water over it to melt and clear it.
  • Is your boiler displaying an error code? If it is then please let us know when you report it. This will help the engineer to diagnose and possibly resolve over the phone.

If trying the above fails then call us on 01226 787878 to log a job, and get it fixed before the weather turns nippy!