Update from the Tenant Voice Panel

It’s been a strange few months but that hasn’t stopped the Tenant Voice Panel from holding their regular meetings. They may not have come together in our head office, but have met using technology from the comfort of their own living rooms, with special guest appearances from some photo bombing pooches!

We want to make sure we all stay safe and that our approach is the right one, so we shared our Covid 19 Exit Plan with the Tenant voice Panel and asked for their thoughts. They didn’t disappoint, we had a great interactive session with lots of brilliant questions and its reassuring to know that the Panel are fully supportive of our approach.

Here’s a flavour of what they asked;

The Panel asked;

Are there any plans to issue tenants with instructions on keeping operatives and themselves safe when working in our homes, and has guidance been issued to staff around safe working practices?

We replied;

Our website contains information around staying safe and we have a protocol for staff and operatives to follow when in a tenant’s home. When a repair is reported, or the need arises to enter a tenant’s home, the call handler will ask a series of health-related questions and will explain the safe working practices we have in place to protect both the operative and tenant. It is working well, and the tenants are co-operating ensuring repairs are completed smoothly.

The Panel asked;

How are lettings being handled in relation to Homelessness and Domestic Violence?

We replied;

We are still able to rehouse anyone effected by domestic violence or homelessness, or if they are occupying a hospital bed. It is positive that under the Choice Based Lettings Scheme we can make direct offers, matching homes to the needs of the perspective tenant. We are also mindful that we are not doing anything to the detriment of anyone else on the waiting list.

Not content with one virtual meeting they have also met to talk about the process of a void that may have issues with damp and mould. You can read more about this next time.

Since they have met things have changed, you can find out more about this by taking a look at our website.

If you have anything you think the Tenant Voice Panel should be looking it just email tenantvoice@berneslaihomes.co.uk