We’re ‘more than a landlord’

We’re pleased to launch our Annual Report to you this week reporting a year of achievement.

The online report shows how we’ve delivered services to you over the last year. It summaries how we are working together with our partners for a brighter future and a better Barnsley by: getting the basics right; being more than a landlord; and being fit for the future.

Chief Executive Amanda Garrard adds: “I am delighted to introduce such a positive annual report which highlights how we are being more than a landlord. We are going over and above the traditional services by offering a range of support to help customers sustain their tenancies and enjoy where they live. I will be attending the next Customer Panel in October to meet tenants as I am new to Berneslai Homes and it would be great if you could come along say hi, have your say on the report and put your questions to us.”

To view the Annual Report please follow this link.

If you cannot get online and would like to know more then phone: 01226 774376. If you would like to come to the Customer Panel on 9th October from 6 until 8pm at Priory Campus, then please book your place here.