Worsbrough Common

Who are we?

Worsborough Common are a group of volunteers who live and meet in their local community. The TARA look at and talk about projects that would benefit their local area. They share news and issues that are happening and produce a newsletter.

Who’s invited?

Any tenant or resident in the Worsbrough Common area is welcome at our meetings, just come along, or register your interest by completing this eform.

Where do we meet?

ICT Community Centre, Warren Quarry Lane, Worsbrough Common

What date and time are the meetings?

1st Monday of the month, 9:30am

Do you have an issue that you would like to share with the TARA about your local community?

If you would like to raise an issue about your street or estate with your local TARA please e-mail us at customerservices@berneslaihomes.co.uk

Don’t forget to tell us your name, address, phone number and the location and information about the problem you are raising.