Empty Property Standard

Our Empty Property Standard is our guarantee to you that the home we are offering to you is:

  • safe and has all its services in working order;
  • secure;
  • clean; and in a reasonable condition.

We want you to tell us if this home does not meet these standards. We will ask you about this when you view the home.

Details of our standard is covered in the following five sections:


The home is safe
  • Gas and electric services, and heating systems are in a safe and working order.
  • The home has been checked for asbestos.
  • The home has been checked for damp.
  • All fire doors and fire prevention equipment have been checked.
  • All glazing in internal doors has been checked for safety.
  • Footpaths, ramps and steps to the main entrance are free of tripping hazards.
  • Stair treads, banisters and any handrails both inside and outside the home are safe and secure.
  • Floorboards and any fixed floor coverings are safe and secure.
  • Timber floors have been checked for rot and beetle infestation.
  • A smoke alarm has been installed.
  • Any existing smoke alarms have been tested.
  • Any improvements that have been made to the home by the previous tenant have been checked and are safe.
  • Toilet seats are intact and safely fitted and the toilet pan is not cracked or broken.
  • Outbuildings appear to be structurally safe.
  • The outside of the home has been checked to make sure it is safe.
The home is secure
  • All doors and windows are secure and open and close easily.
  • External door locks have been changed.
  • We have given you keys for outside stores, where possible.
  • You can lock or close securely on a latch all of the windows. Where possible we will give you keys for the windows which have locks.
  • If there is a door entry system, it is in working order.
  • There is no broken or cracked glass.
  • If there is a burglar alarm, which was installed by the previous tenant, we have tested it. We will ask you to accept responsibility for looking after it in the future.
The home is clean and has been cleared
  • The home and all the fittings are clean.
  • The home, outbuildings, loft and garden are cleared of any items left by the previous tenant.
Decorating the home

We do not decorate empty homes, but we will make sure that any offensive graffiti is removed.

All services are in full working order
  • Gas and electric services, and heating systems are in a safe and working order.
  • Immersion heaters are in working order where fitted.
  • Showers are in working order where fitted.
  • We will explain how the heating system works and where possible we will give you any manuals or instruction leaflets.
  • The bath and sink have got plugs.
  • Letterboxes are in working order.
  • We will give you an external gas and electric meter cabinet key.
  • We will give you two radiator keys.

Please note, where a kitchen has built-in appliances, you will be responsible for maintaining and /or replacing them.

We hope that when you view this home, it meets the standards we’ve guaranteed. If for any reason you feel it doesn’t meet these standards, please tell the officer who is with you when you view the property. We will do what we can to put things right.