Leaseholder arrears

Mortgage Arrears – You should tell your lender and get advice about  ways of reducing your mortgage payments. If you have a mortgage protection policy ask the lender for help in making a claim against the policy.

Contact your local Jobcentre plus to see if you qualify for any benefits. You may be able to get help with the interest payments on your mortgage. If you haven’t  been successful in the past  please be aware there have been some changes in the benefits allowances and you may now qualify.

A mortgage rescue scheme has now been approved by Barnsley Council enabling leaseholders at risk of losing their property to remain in their home.  Please follow the Mortgage Rescue Scheme for further information.

Service Charge and Ground Rent arrears – If you are in receipt of benefits, the Benefits Agency may be able to provide you with some help in paying your service charges and ground rent. Please follow the link to the DWP website for further information.