Service charges

Service charges are the costs for the day-to- day repair, maintenance and management of the building of which the leasehold property forms part. If you are a leaseholder the council, as landlord, has to provide you with certain services and to charge you for those services.  These are called routine service charges.

In addition, from time to time you will be charged for your share of the cost of any major works to your block or estate (if relevant).    Both leaseholders and tenants will pay for services and works.  Leaseholders receive this in the form of an annual service charge bill.  Tenants contribute to these costs through their weekly rent charge.

As we are not able to determine in advance the actual amount of money that will be spent on services in each financial year.  All service charges will be sent by the 1st October. Under the terms of your lease you must pay your service charge bill within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

You can pay your service charge online or for any more enquiries you can e-mail us at   Don’t forget to tell us your name, address and a short summary of your enquiry.