Insuring your home

We offer a special low cost home contents insurance scheme for tenants and leaseholders from a quality insurer.


Why do I need home contents insurance?

Berneslai Homes does not insure your furniture, belongings or decorations against theft, fire, vandalism, burst pipes and other household risks.  It is really important that you take out home contents insurance to cover you if your contents are damaged, destroyed or stolen.

The table below gives you an idea of what your landlord is responsible for repairing or replacing and WHAT YOU are responsible for.

Scenario Your Landlord (Building Insurance) You the Tenant (Home Contents Insurance)
Fire /Storm  Damage to the structure of the building  Damage to personal possessions.
Leaks Damage to flooring & walls Damage to personal belongings and redecoration. 
Theft/Vandalism Broken windows & doors Theft / damage of personal belongings 
Flooding Damage to the building, flooring and walls Damage to personal belongings & decorations
What home contents insurance scheme do you offer?

The National Housing Federation My Home Contents Insurance Scheme together with Thistle Tenants Risks and Allianz Insurance plc offers tenants and leaseholders the chance to insure the contents of their homes in an easy affordable way.  

Download the ‘My Home’ Home Contents Insurance Policy document or the application pack.

The Key Benefits of this policy are:

  • Flexible, regular pay as you go  premium payment options.
  • Quick & easy to apply for cover over the phone,  by requesting a form or a call back.
  • No Excess – you don’t have to pay the first part of the claim
  • All social housing tenants & leaseholders are eligible to apply
  • Covers theft, water damage, fire and other household risks
  • Cover is provided on a new for old basis with no deduction for wear and tear- except in respect of linen and clothing
  • Cover is in bands of £1000 starting at £6000 for tenants  aged 60 and over and from £9000 for all others
  • Cover includes Theft, Fire, Storm, Water Damage, Flood and Accidental damage to items such as hobs and sanitary ware

There are optional extensions for :

  • Extended accidental damage cover
  • Personal possessions away from home
  • Wheelchair and mobility scooter cover
  • Hearing aid cover
  • Buildings cover for garages, greenhouses and garden huts.


How much am I covered for and what is the cost?

Amounts insurable range from £6,000 to £35,000 for tenants aged over 60 and £9,000 to £35,000 for all other tenants.  Monthly payments start at £2.55 for tenants aged over 60 and £3.59 for all other tenants. 

How do I get covered?

Application packs can be obtained by contacting Thistle Insurance Services direct on 0345 4507288 to discuss and apply for cover.