Crime and Vandalism

If you are suffering or witness vandalism or crime on your estate or to a Council property then please tell us. If the person committing the crime is a council tenant they may be breaking the terms and conditions of their tenancy and if so we may be able to take action.

Who do I report it to?

If any crime is being committed you must contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.

You also need to let us know by

  • completing our online form; or
  • phoning us on 01226 775555 – remember to tell us your name, address and phone number.  We may need to ring you back.
What can you do to help us?

If you are reporting a tenant who you feel has broken the terms of their tenancy agreement, please make sure that you tell us:

  • your name, address and phone number;
  • their name and address;
  • brief details of what is happening; and
  • how this affects you.

You can record incidents on a Neighbour Nuisance diary sheet which you can download from the download section on the right hand side.

When will we contact you?

If you tell us that a tenant is breaking the terms of their tenancy we aim to visit them within 5 working days. If it is a really serious issue, we will visit them sooner.

Will you treat my report confidentially?

Yes. We will not tell the person you are complaining about who has reported them. But, if we have to go to court to take action against them we will have to ask you to give evidence in court.

I want to complain anonymously?

We will accept an anonymous complaint but without evidence there may be very little we can do about the problem.