Parking issues and abandoned cars

We ask all residents, whether Council tenants or private householders, to park responsibly so that they do not cause nuisance and annoyance in the neighbourhood. If people park inconsiderately, not only can this be illegal, but it can also cause neighbourhood disputes.  When we carry out large improvement schemes we try to provide off road parking for tenants, but we can’t guarantee this for every house.

What can I do to help?
  • Be considerate to others when parking your own vehicle.
  • If you are reporting an incident, give us details of names and addresses, times and dates, of the inconsiderate parking.
  • Be prepared to attend County Court if necessary.
  • Ask your neighbours to provide supporting evidence of incidents of inconsiderate parking.
What can I do if I want to park my vehicle within my garden?

You can ask for permission to park a car in your garden. But we insist that you lower the kerb and that you build a satisfactory drive or hard standing. In some cases you may need planning permission.

You can apply for permission by completing our online tenant alteration form.

What should I do if someone is parking inconsideratley?

It is always best to try to talk to them and ask them to move it. (Individuals do not have a legal right to park outside their own property). If you have tried or feel you cannot do this please contact your housing management officer or e-mail us. Remember to tell us your name, address and phone number.  We may need to ring you back.

How quickly will you contact me?

We will try to make an initial visit to assess the situation within 5 working days. If you want permission to build a drive we will visit and give you a decision within 5 working days.

What will you do when you receive my report?

We will talk through the situation and help and advise you.

We will ask you to give us full details of your complaint, and it will help if you can give us supporting evidence such as photographs and diary sheets.

In some circumstances, we may take action against those who cause nuisance to their neighbours. We will also work with the police and the Council’s Highway department.

We will contact the person who is causing the problem and ask them to move the vehicle. If we need to, we will take legal action to stop them from parking their vehicle in a certain place. But we can’t ask people to move their car if they are parked on a road and are not blocking anyone in or causing a traffic hazard.

What if I see an abandoned car?

If you see a car that looks like it has been abandoned please contact your housing management team.

Where can I get additional help/advise?
  • Highways & Engineering – For general enquiries or further information please contact Tel: (01226) 772022.
  • Enforcement Team –  Abandoned Cars Tel: (01226) 772468.
  • South Yorkshire Police Helpline – Tel: 101.