Squatters and unauthorised occupants

Both squatters and unauthorised occupants are people with no right to be in our property. If you see an empty council property it is more than likely that it is undergoing repairs before we offer it to another tenant.

We do take action to make sure that any empty property is secure and that illegal occupiers (squatters) cannot move into the property. But sometimes squatters do move into our empty homes.

We need your help to keep a watch on empty properties and tell us if there is any sign of squatters or suspicions of squatters.

Who can I report it to?

If you see anyone suspicious or who you believe is squatting in one of our properties please phone us on 01226 775555 or complete our online form. Remember to tell us your name, address and phone number.  We may need to ring you back.

If you see them breaking in or causing any damage please contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.

What will we do?

If we know we have squatters or unauthorised occupants we can take legal action to evict them. The laws are very complex and we cannot simply evict them. We have to follow a legal process.

Once you have made contact with us we will call out to the property within 24 hours and if there are squatters we will start the legal process straight away.

If you want us to keep you informed give us your contact details and we will let you know what is happening.

We cannot disclose confidential information to you but we can keep you up to date on how we are dealing with the problem.

How you can help us?

You can help us by:

  • taking a note of the address you think has squatters;
  • giving us a description of the squatters; and
  • making a note of how long they have been there.