Buying your home

As a tenant of Berneslai Homes you may have the right to buy your home.  This service is administered by Barnsley Council.  You can visit the Right to Buy Section for further information.

Who will be responsible for repairs to my home?

If you apply to buy your home, we are no longer responsible for carrying out some repairs to your home. We will remove your home from ongoing and planned programmes of major work, and we will only carry out repairs that we have to do by law. These are: to keep the property wind and water tight, this means repairs to the structure and exterior of the dwelling including drains; gutters; and external pipes; and to maintain the supply of services to the dwelling including repairs to the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation.  Major improvement work takes a long time to plan and organise, so if you decide not to buy your home after you began the right to buy process, your home may not automatically be included in a planned programme of work in your area.

Buying a flat?

For further information please visit our Leasehold page.

Information on mortgage references

If you are a current tenant and have applied to buy your home under the Right to Buy scheme, you may find that before a bank or building society will give you a mortgage, they ask for a reference from us. This is to make sure that you have been a good tenant and have paid your rent on time.

We must have a written request for a mortgage reference from your mortgage lender. The request must be signed by you giving us permission to pass the information on to the mortgage lender, you or your mortgage lender could send this to us.

We charge £60 for giving a mortgage reference and this needs to be paid for before we do the reference. Some mortgage lenders will pay the fee on your behalf and ask you for the money back.

Once we have received the request, your permission and the fee, we will prepare and send the reference to your mortgage lender. We check and report the following

to your mortgage lender:

  • Rent payment history and arrears
  • Other tenancy related debts. e.g. rechargeable repairs, hut scheme arrears, former tenants arrears.
  • That you are following the terms of your tenancy.