Ending my tenancy

How do I end my tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy, or end a tenancy on behalf of someone who has died, you will need to complete one of the following forms:

For more information about the way the way we look after the personal information please refer to our privacy promise.

What happens after I have given notice?

When you give us notice, we will do the following:

  • Contact you to arrange to inspect your home to ensure that the property is in a good condition and that you have not caused any wilful damage. If we find any damage or if the property and gardens are untidy, we will charge you for putting things right.
  • Tell you exactly when your tenancy will end and when you have to hand the keys in.

If you give us less than four weeks’ notice we have the right to charge you rent up until the end of your tenancy (the end of the four week notice time). We will do this even if you have moved out of the property and given us back your keys.

Can I extend my notice?

We can allow you to extend your notice time in certain circumstances, for example, if your new home is not ready. But, you must tell us that you want to extend your notice before your tenancy ends (the date we agreed when you gave notice). If you do not extend your notice and your tenancy ends we do not legally have to let you stay in the property.

When will my tenancy end?

Your tenancy will always end on a Sunday, no matter what day of the week you tell us that you want to end your tenancy. Two examples are shown below:

  • If you give notice on Wednesday, we will count four weeks from the following Sunday of that week.
  • If you give notice before 12 noon on a Monday, we will work out your four weeks’ notice from the Sunday (the day before).
What rent do I have to pay?

When you end your tenancy, you have to pay rent up to and including the Sunday on which your tenancy ends. As you pay rent every week for the previous week, you will owe an extra week’s rent at the end of your tenancy.

If you hand the keys in later than 12 noon on Monday (the day after your tenancy ends), we will charge you another week’s rent.

Where do I take my keys?

Due to the coronavirus we have had to close our offices and libraries. If you need to drop off keys for a property, then please contact your Housing Management Team to arrange or phone 01226 787878. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We do not recommend that you post your keys to us. But if you have no other option, you must use recorded delivery as proof that you have sent them. If your keys get lost in the post and you cannot prove that you have posted them, we will charge you for:

  • changing the locks; and
  • putting right any other damage caused as a result of us not having the keys.

Remember to either put a letter or a label in with the keys so that we know which property they are for.


When do I end my tenancy, what should I do before I leave the property?

It is really important that when you leave your home you make sure you:

  • leave it clean and tidy (this includes the decorations);
  • remove any furniture, carpets or rubbish;
  • clear your attic and outbuildings; and
  • cut back and clear the garden.

If you have damaged our property, either by removing your own fittings or while you were living in your home, you have to put right the damage.

We will charge you for any work we have to do. This includes:

  • clearing and cleaning the property;
  • decorating the property;
  • putting right any damage;
  • replacing fittings that you had no right to take; or
  • clearing or replanting the gardens.

If you leave any of your belongings in the property, we will get rid of them. We will charge you for this work.

When you tell us that you want to end your tenancy, we will tell you the current hourly charge for clearing out a property.

When I leave can I take my own gas cooker or fire?

You can take your own cooker out of the property. You cannot remove a gas fire that you installed yourself, unless we agree.

For your own and your neighbours’ safety, you must make sure that any gas cooker or fire which belongs to you is removed by a registered Gas Safe contractor. The supply pipes must be sealed after the appliance has been removed.

If you do not leave the gas supply properly sealed, we will charge you the full cost of us carrying out the work. We may also issue a report to the Health and Safety Executive, who may take action which could lead to prosecution, a fine or even imprisonment.

What about any improvements I have carried out during my tenancy?

If you have had our permission to make alterations or improvements to your property, you must leave them in the property. In certain cases we may agree that you can remove the new fitting and put the original back.

We will charge you if we need to remove or change any of your own alterations before we let the property again.

Can I get compensation for improvements i have made?

If you end your tenancy you may be able to get compensation for some improvements. This depends on the type of improvement, when the work was carried out, if you have receipts for the work and if we gave you permission to do the work.

You must apply for compensation within 14 days within your tenancy ending.  You will need to download, complete and return a compensation for Tenants improvements scheme claim form.

Do I have to read my electricity, gas or water meters?

You are responsible for reading the gas, electricity and water meters before you leave the property.

You must tell your suppliers:

  • the date you are leaving the property;
  • your meter reading; and
  • your new address.

We will only pay for gas, electricity and water from the date your tenancy ends. If the supplier asks us for your new address, we will give it to them.

What about my post?

You should also arrange with the post office to redirect your mail to your new address. We will not send any letters to you at your new address.  We will not tell the new tenant your new address.

Should I turn off the water, gas or electricity?

You must turn off:

  • the gas and electricity supplies at the meter; and
  • the water at the stop tap.

If you are leaving the property during the winter months, turn the water off at the stop taps and then turn the hot and cold taps on in the kitchen and bathroom. Remember to leave the plug out of the sink or bath.

This will drain all the water out of the tank, which will help prevent any damage if the pipes freeze.