Furnished tenancies

We have partnered with Your Homes Newcastle, and are now able to supply furniture to new tenants who need it.

Newcastle Furniture Service (NFS) was launched in 1989 to help their tenants settle into their homes by providing essential items of furniture. They have grown into the market leader in the provision of affordable furniture and furnished accommodation to social housing tenants. They currently support over 12,000 households across the UK and supply products to 27 other housing providers, voluntary organisations and local authorities throughout the UK.

The service is available to you when you take up a tenancy with Berneslai Homes, and subject to a short eligibility check. If you are accepted on to the scheme, and wish to take up a furnished tenancy with Berneslai Homes, it’s simple and straightforward; we’ll supply you with items of furniture to help you feel at home. You can choose from a wide range of products including sofas, beds, appliances such as washing machines and microwaves and even crockery and cutlery. We’ll add the weekly payment to your rent so you only make one payment, making life a little easier for you. As its part of your tenancy the weekly cost can be covered by Housing Benefit / Universal Credit.

Am I eligible?

We can consider providing a furnished tenancy for applicants who are to become our new tenants and who:

  • do not own adequate furniture / be in a position to reasonably afford to furnish their new home
  • are vulnerable and have health or social problems.
Points mean furniture!

Every item of furniture available on the “Options” scheme has a points value so you can choose which items suit you best. When you have finished choosing your items you add up the points total to see what your weekly charge would be. 60 points is the minimum, and is £12.73 per week with each point thereafter charged at 12p per point.

You can read more about thins in our furniture rental brochure.

Can I buy the furniture?

The furniture belongs to NFS and government rules prevent them from selling it to you.

Can I take the furniture with me if I move?

Yes you can. If you transfer to another tenancy with us you must tell your Housing Management Officer that you want to take the furniture with you. They will let us know and we will change our records.

What are the delivery times?

Newcastle Furniture Service carries out deliveries and collections at the following times:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am and 4.30pm.

Friday 8.30am and 3.30pm.

Appointments outside of these times can be arranged if you have specific needs. You can contact the service by:

Email: berneslai@yhn.org.uk

Phone: 0191 2781888.

What do I do if any of the furniture becomes faulty or is worn and needs replacing?

You should get in touch with NFS if you have a problem with any item that we have given you.

They will arrange for it to be checked and if necessary repair it or replace it.

How do I contact Newcastle Furniture Service?

You can contact the service by:

Email: berneslai@yhn.org.uk

Phone: 0191 2781888.