Warning Indicators

We aim to deal fairly, honestly, consistently and appropriately with all customers, including those whose actions we consider unacceptable.

We believe that everyone who approaches us has the right to be heard, understood and respected. We also consider that our staff have the same rights. We aim to provide a service that is accessible to everyone who is entitled to it.

However, Berneslai Homes retains the right, where customer actions are considered to be unacceptable, to restrict or change such access and to take action and use a warning indicator on a customer file.  This ensures that staff and other customers do not suffer any disadvantage or risk to their health and safety from customers who act in an unacceptable manner.  For further information download the Warning Indicator Policy which sets out:

  • Why we use warning markers.
  • What category of warning markers we have.
  • How we record and review warning markers.
  • What rights customers have in respect of warning markers – including your right to know about these and how you can request a review of our decision.