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Welcome to our find a home section which gives you useful information and advice about how to apply for a council house, how to swap your home and the housing register.

If you are already on the Homeseeker Housing Register and you want to search and apply for a new home visit our Homeseeker Vacant Properties. 

If you are not on the Homeseeker Housing Register you can apply online by completing the Online Housing Register Application Form. 

Before you put your name on the register it may be worth downloading the 'Cost of running your own home' leaflet which gives you an idea of the costs involved in running your own home.

What is the housing register?

The Housing Register is a list of people who want to be re-housed by Barnsley Council, it's also known as 'The Waiting List'.

People can also join the waiting list if they want to be put forward to a housing association. The waiting list works under under a set of rules known as the  Lettings Policy which meets the regulations in the Housing Act 1996, The Homelessness Act 2002 and any guidance received from Central Government.  It is also supported by a Code of Guidance which helps our staff deal with all housing applications in a fair and consistent way.

Who can join the register?

Anyone can apply to join the register and become our tenant. However, there are certain circumstances where we may not agree to you joining the register. These are if:

  1. You do not fulfil the UK residency criteria; 
  2. You or a member of your household have behaved in an unreasonable way including anti-social behaviour, harassment, damage to council property, violence to staff, rent arrears or debts; or 
  3. You are under 16. People who are 16 and 17 can join the register. However, we may not offer you a tenancy until you are 18.

Before we make a decision, we will take all your circumstances into account.

We aim to tell you in 20 working days if you can join the register. If we cannot meet this timescale we will write and let you know.

If you do not agree with any decision we make about your housing application, you can appeal. For further information visit  How to appeal against a Berneslai Homes decision.   

How do I apply to join the register?

What sort of tenancy will I be offered?

Visit the Types of Tenancy page for more information.

I have or a member of my household has a physical or mental health medical condition. How do I apply for medical priority?

If you are already on the housing register or have just made an application to join the housing register and you or a member of your household has a physical or mental health condition you can apply for medical priority using our online medical self assessment form. We would only give priority to people who are at risk in their current home and whose circumstances could be improved by being rehoused.

To apply for medical priority you will need to complete one of our self assessment medical forms. You can obtain a form:

What should i do if when i am on the housing register my cicumstances change?

You need to keep us informed as soon as possible if any of your circumstances change as changes could affect the priority your application receives.

If your circumstances change for example you move to a new home, give birth to a child, you should complete and return one of our change of circumstances forms.

You can obtain a change of circumstances form:

What type of properties can I apply for?

You will only be eligible for properties that are suitable for the size of your family. You can download the table which shows you how we normally decide on the number of bedrooms that you are eligible for.