Changing your rent

Every year rents are looked at and changed in April. We give a minimum notice period of four weeks of any changes. You will be served a rent increase notice that will tell you what your current rent is and how much it will be changing to.

For 2022/2023 the rents increase by 4.1% which is the consumer price index (CPI) 3.1% + 1%.

The CPI figure used is the figure from September of the year before the increase takes place.

What if I disagree with the rent charge?

you can appeal by:

  • Completing this online form
  • ringing 01226 787878; or
  • Writing to us at Berneslai Homes, Rents, PO Box 627, Barnsley, S70 9FZ.

Your appeal must be against the way we have worked out your rent and not, for example, about any repair work or dispute about benefits. If you appeal, you must carry on paying your rent while we look into your appeal. If you win your appeal, we will give you back any rent you have overpaid since the date of your appeal.

What’s included in the rental charge?

We charge you a total weekly rent for the property you live in. This is made up of your basic rent plus any additional charges:

  • Service Charges – Some of our properties have extra services provided such as cleaning of communal areas, lighting of communal areas and grounds maintenance. The cost of these services paid by you is known as a service charge.
  • Heating and Hot Water Charges – If you have communal heating you must pay the costs for the energy you use. We use different charging methods depending upon the scheme and how we measure usage.  A range of payment options are provided.
  • Water Charges – Some tenants in our independent living schemes pay water rates with their rent. We pass this payment onto the water authority.
How is the rent calculated and set?

The government sets out how social rents should be worked out. This is called ‘formulae rent’ and is for the property, it does not include any service charges.

The formula used for calculating this is based on the following factors:

  • The value of the property as at 1999 valuation levels.
  • The number of bedrooms.
  • Average national rents
  • Average weekly earnings within South Yorkshire (set by government)
  • There is flexibility for rents to be set up to 5% above the formulae rent.
When is the rent payable?

You must pay rent from the first day of your tenancy.

Rent becomes due every Monday, to cover the previous week and it is charged over 48 weeks sometimes 49 depending on the number of Mondays in a year.

You can choose to pay your rent every week, every two weeks or every month. If you pay monthly your payment will be paying for the two previous weeks and for two weeks in advance.

There are four weeks during the year when we do not charge rent to your account. These are called non-chargeable weeks and they are at the beginning of April, August Bank holiday, Christmas and New Year. The non- chargeable rent weeks for 2022-23 are:

  • Week 1 – week commencing 4 April 2022
  • Week 22 – week commencing 29 August 2022
  • Week 38 – week commencing 19 December 2022
  • Week 39 – week commencing 26 December 2022

To keep your rent up to date, you should always pay it in the week it is due. To help you keep a record of your payments you can download a Rent Payment Record Card.