Tenant voice and scrutiny

At the core of our Customer Engagement Strategy is our Tenant Voice Panel and tenant scrutiny panel.

If you’re interested in being involved in either the Tenant Voice Panel or the Scrutiny Panel, please email communityengagement@bernesaihomes.co.uk

Register your interest in joining our Tenant Voice Panel or scrutiny panel
Tenant Voice Panel (TVP)

We need to know that we’re meeting all our duties as a landlord and to do this successfully we need to work with our tenants. The word we use to describe this is co-regulation.

Our TVP is made up of nine tenants or leaseholders with a thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive mindset. Each has an interest in making sure the tenant voice is heard in relation to the services they receive. They give their views freely, adding value through the customers eyes, helping to improve and develop services for all our customers.

The TVP meets every four months to look at our performance reports, asking a range of questions that are passed to the right manager to answer. After each meeting they produce a short summary of what they have found. If the panel identifies any trends or areas they feel need looking into further, these are passed on to the Scrutiny Panel.

Members of the Tenant Voice Panel
Give your feedback to the Tenant Voice Panel

You don’t have to be on the panel to have your say.

If you think we’re not doing as well as we could in any area of the services we deliver, or you would like the Tenant Voice Panel to look at something in particular, you can let them know:

Email tenantvoice@berneslaihomes.co.uk 

Our Customer Engagement Manager will pass your request on to the TVP.

Scrutiny Panel

We have a group of scrutineers who are all tenants. They take an independent and objective view of the services we provide. The Panel looks at any area of service that the Tenant Voice Panel have passed onto them for further scrutiny. This includes things like a dip in performance or satisfaction with a certain area of service, or a complaints trend, with a view to finding ways we can improve.  

The Panel carry out an investigation and produce an evidenced based report with a series of recommendations for improvement. They may also suggest working together to come up with a solution to a problem - true co-regulation in practice.

You can take a look at recent Scrutiny Panel reports below.

Tenant Voice Panel member David

Customer engagement round up

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