Being a good neighbour

We believe everyone has the right to live peacefully in their own home without undue disruption or disturbance from others.

As a tenant, you’re expected to keep to the terms of your Tenancy Agreement. You have a responsibility to make sure you’re not acting in a way that’s likely to annoy or disturb your neighbours. You’re also responsible for the behaviour of your visitors and the pets you have in your home.

In this section you'll find some helpful tips and advice on how to be a good neighbour and you can read our policy below. 

Good Neighbours
Good Neighbours (1)
Top tips to being a good neighbour

Reduce your noise levels. Speak to your neighbours if you’re planning on doing any noisy activities, such as hosting a party or completing DIY work. Agree on a time when the activities will come to an end. We don’t want you to make loud, persistent noise, particularly in the evening or early morning – (examples of this would be playing loud music, using power tools, revving car engines).

Take responsibility for the behaviour of your children and make sure they’re not causing undue noise or nuisance to neighbours.

Think before parking in a space that may cause problems for other people, particularly older people or those with mobility problems.

Keep all pets under control at all times – dogs should be kept on a lead and not allowed to foul in shared areas or on other people’s property.

Be responsible for the behaviour of visitors to your home (this includes your children’s visitors).

Don't allow anyone visiting your home to cause any vandalism or damage in your home or surrounding area.

Arrange to have any old furniture or appliances moved from your garden as quickly as possible.

Don't store flammable items such as petrol or paraffin in or around your home or shed.

Don't store gas cannisters in your home.

If you have a garden, make sure it’s free from rubbish and kept clean and tidy.

Keep your community clean by picking up any litter.

Join in and support local neighbourhood groups and make your comments count.

Garden fires:

  • Don't burn wet waste, it produces more smoke
  • Don't have a fire on still or damp days when smoke won't disperse very well
  • Don't burn rubber, foam, plastic, or anything containing paint
  • Don't burn anything outside when the air pollution level is high

If you need to talk to your neighbour about one of the problems above, please do so considerately.

Good Neighbours (2)