Get involved

We want our homes and estates to be great places to live. We believe the best way of improving our service is to work closely with our tenants. Your views are important to us and every voice matters. 

We want you to be involved in helping us to keep improving our service and we can offer training, provide transport and equipment, and cover your expenses for this.

There are many ways to get involved, both in person and online to:

  • influence policies, procedures, and changes to our services
  • test, monitor, or give feedback about whether we’re delivering against the promises we make
  • improve your neighbourhoods and communities
  • scrutinise our services to make sure we’re meeting all our obligations as a landlord, which are set out in the Social Housing Regulatory framework

Our Customer Engagement Strategy sets out a how we’ll strengthen the tenant voice in Barnsley. 

As well as the routine involvement opportunities, each year we agree a plan of how customers can get involved in the improvements or changes we’re making to our service.

If you’re a Berneslai Homes tenant and you’d like to get involved or have your say, use the links below to find out more:

Other ways to get involved

There are other ways to get involved from the comfort of your own home or in your local neighbourhood. 

Attend our Board meeting

You’re welcome to join one of our Berneslai Homes public Board meetings, which are held five times per year. They are a mixture of virtual and face-to-face.

If you'd like to attend one of our public Board meetings please contact or click here to find out more about the meetings. 

The difference made by tenants

Thanks to all the tenants who have helped influence our services over the last year. Click on the link below to read about some of the ways they’ve made a difference on your behalf!