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Planned repairs and programmed replacements

We can carry out planned repairs and programmed replacements in your home when we can't complete the repair on a normal 25 day order. We need to plan for these works to be completed to make sure that we organise the works fully and that we can complete them within our repair budgets.

Planned repairs are larger or high cost repairs, examples include:

• Extensive plastering and rendering
• Floor repairs
• Brickwork and wall repairs
• Fencing and gate repairs
• Pointing repairs
• Guttering, fascias and soffit repairs
• Insulation top up
• Path repairs
• Drainage repairs
• Cavity cleans

Programmed replacements are larger replacement items, which include:  

• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Replacement roofs
• Windows
• Doors

Frequently asked questions about planned repairs and programmed replacements

We consider:

  • your personal circumstances;
  • whether there are any health and safety issues which mean the repair or replacement item has to be done sooner; or
  • whether there will be an unreasonable impact on your daily life as a result of not doing a repair sooner.  

Please note we will always make safe any health and safety risks.

When you report a repair that we are responsible for, we aim to complete those repairs in the following time scales:

  • 24 Hours (emergency)
  • 3 Day
  • 7 Day
  • 25 Day

We'll always try to complete repairs on our first visit, but sometimes when we come to do the repair, we may identify that we can’t do it straight away and the work is placed on a programme of works. We'll always make safe any hazards straight away. This might be because a replacement is needed, or the work is more extensive than what we can do on a routine appointment (for example large areas or replastering or kitchen replacements). If on this first visit, we feel your work falls into this category we will arrange for another inspection by a technical officer. 

We'll inspect your home within our target of 28 days and agree with you how we plan to resolve your repair issues. 

Once we’ve done this inspection, we’ll write to you within our target of 14 days so that you have written confirmation of the works required and an estimated completion date. 

If there is any change in the estimated completion date, we'll write to you and let you know the updated completion date.   

If you have any concerns, your circumstances change, the outstanding repair becomes worse or if there is ever an increased risk to your health and safety, then please let us know by either using our online form or by calling us on 01226 787878.

Our core working hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. (Excluding Bank Holidays), but we do have an out of hours service to respond to emergencies 365 days per year 24 hours per day.

We continue to work through this rolling programme of works as quickly as possible and thank you for your ongoing patience during this time.

We hope you understand why we are dealing your repair or replacement item in this planned way and that we are keeping you up to date throughout the process. But if for any reason you are not happy, you have a right to make a complaint. Visit our complaint page here to find out how to do this and what to expect.    

What to expect if you're waiting for a planned repair or programmed replacement:

Estatewalkabouts 01
We'll inspect your home

We'll inspect the item within 28 days of the contractor letting us know it is a planned repair or replacement.

We'll write to you

We’ll write to you within 14 days of this visit to give you written confirmation of the works and an estimated completion date.

Boardmeetings 01
We'll keep you updated

We'll keep you up to date with the progress of the repair or replacement. This includes changes to the estimated completion date. 

We'll make arrangements

When we’re ready to complete the work our contractor will be in touch with you to make arrangements


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