Make a compliment, complaint or suggestion

Here’s how you can make a compliment, complaint or a suggestion.

Giving us a compliment

Please tell us if you want to pass on a compliment or say thanks to our staff, it’s nice to know that we are doing a good job. We can also learn from and build on the good things.

We pass on any compliments we receive to the relevant staff and their manager and will send you a letter thanking you for your compliment, and our Chief Executive will write to the member of staff you are complimenting.

You can make a compliment by


Making a suggestion

We really welcome your suggestions. As a customer you are in the best position to tell us how we can improve our service.

We will confirm we have received your suggestion. We consider all suggestions and will contact you to give you feedback.

If you would like to make a suggestion you can:

Complete our online form

E-mail us:


Making a Complaint

We welcome your complaints. Not only so we can try to sort your problem out, but if needed, we can improve our services and change how we do things in the future.

You can make a complaint by:

When we’ve received your complaint, we’ll write to you and tell you who is looking into things for you and how to contact them.


Our complaints procedure

If you have already complained informally, and your problem has not been sorted out, you can contact the Customer Services Team to register a stage 1 formal complaint.

Stage 1 complaint

The Customer Services Team will register your complaint and pass it to the manager of the service you are complaining about to investigate. We will write to you within 2 days of receiving your complaint to tell you:

  • that we have got your complaint;
  • who is dealing with your complaint;
  • how you can contact the person dealing with your complaint; and
  • when you will receive a response.

We will then investigate your complaint and reply to you within 10 working days. If you are unhappy with this response, you can ask for your complaint to be reviewed by the Customer Services Team at stage 2 of our procedure.

Stage 2 complaint

The Customer Services Team will investigate your complaint and will:

  • review the action taken so far;
  • contact you to discuss your complaint and gather any extra information needed;
  • contact our staff to gather extra information;
  • consider the evidence, and then
  • pass the findings to the Director who is responsible for that service who will make a final decision.

We will then respond to you in writing. Our target for responding to stage 2 complaints is  20 working days.

The Housing Ombudsman

The role of the Housing Ombudsman is to encourage and assist landlords and tenants to resolve a dispute at the earliest opportunity, you can contact them to talk about your concerns and see if they can help in this way at any point before or during the complaint process.

After you have gone through both stages of our complaint’s procedure, if you still remain dissatisfied, if you are a tenant, you can complain to the Housing Ombudsman.  But before you contact them, you must have either:

  • asked a ‘designated person’ (see below) to help sort out your complaint; or
  • waited eight weeks after we sent you our stage-two response letter.
Who is a designated person and what do they do?

A designated person will either try to sort out the complaint on your behalf or refer it straight to the Ombudsman.  If they refuse to do either, you can contact the Ombudsman direct. A designated person could include:

  • A local councillor.
  • An MP.

For details of how to contact a local councillor or your MP, visit or phone the council on 01226 770770.


How do I contact the Housing Ombudsman?

You can contact them direct by:

Listening and learning from complaints

To ensure we provide you with an excellent service which listens, acts and responds to your complaints the Housing Ombudsman has recently published a new Complaint Handling Code. This sets out good practice for Berneslai Homes and other landlords to ensure complaints raised by our tenants are responded to effectively, fairly and resolved quickly and that we learn from complaints to drive service improvements.

The Housing Ombudsman have asked that we complete a self-assessment against the code by 31 December 2020, to publish the results and take appropriate steps to make sure complaint handling is in line with the code which you can now download here.

We have now completed this following involvement from our Tenant Voice Panel and Customer Service Committee Board members. This has resulted in some minor changes to our ‘Your Comments Count’ policy to make sure we fully comply with the code.

You can also download the one page summary document.